Ishii Machinery Co., Ltd



Compatible with a wide variety of products
We have abundant experience in automobiles, medical care, semiconductors, machine tools, aerospace, various industrial equipment, etc. We support various tasks including air piping, hydraulic piping, electric wiring and 3-D dimensional inspection using laser tracker system (2 units available). We have a lot of achievements in the customer’s onsite works not only in the Kanto area but also in the Chukyo area.
Covered assembly products
From high-precision assemblies to large machinery and equipment.
Maximum size of assembly products
17 meters wide, 8 meters height, and 45 meters long.
Piping and electric wiring
Piping: Pneumatic and hydraulic piping (at in-house)
Electric wiring: After wiring by a partner company, witness inspection is followed
Maximum size of products for spraying paint process
10m long maximum (unlimited size for roller painting)
Spraying and baking paint processes are available