Ishii Machinery Co., Ltd


Message from the President

We deliver the satisfaction and excitement our customers
I am the 5th generation president of Ishii Kikai Seisakusho, which has been in business for 133 years.
We value what has been passed down and work with a sense of mission to pass it on to the next generation.
The previous president always said, “Bright and lively,” and that is our motto, but in my generation, in addition to that, “(plus) fun” is stated.
We are proud that family members and others will join the company through the introduction of employees.
One of my dreams is to have employees, children, and grandchildren work for three generations.
To that end, I will endeavor to make each employee feel as a good company from the bottom of their heart.
As a member of the manufacturing industry, we support various fields such as automobile-related, semiconductor-related, aerospace-related, and medical device-related. We are constantly challenging new products, and we have solved all problems with our well-equipped equipment and the technological capabilities we have inherited. There are always criticisms when starting a new business, but we think that we have a strong desire to dispel it, or that we have considerable strength based on our high technological capabilities.
High level of technology is achieved not only by preparing equipment with good performance, but also by adding craftsmanship through OJT.
Inheriting and nurturing the high technical capabilities of craftsmen will lead to the production of good products.
At our company, we are creating an environment where employees can work casually and happily in the form of a family with little hierarchical relationship.This is because many jobs require independence to think, judge, and work on their own, so I think it is important to have an environment where it is easy to consult. I value the attention, compassion, and consideration for the next-operation, and I hope that each and every employee will act with independence and that a better harmony will be played as an organization.